Electronic Music Production for Beginners

January 2021 / 8 Weeks
Tuesday Evenings / 7pm - 9pm

“Interested in making music using computer software? Explore aspects of recording audio & sequencing for music production.”

January 2021 / 8 Weeks / Tuesday Evenings 7pm – 9pm

This course will explore a range of topics to give you an introduction into electronic music production.

Throughout the eight week course you will explore the following subjects:
– Sequencing
– Recording audio
– Using and choosing an audio interface
– How to set up your home studio & basic acoustics
– Using a keyboard and virtual instruments with a DAW
– Setting up your DAW
– Logic, Protools
– Music production

The learning is not genre specific, and so initially we will address “entry level” aspects of recording audio & sequencing in order to gauge the overall level of the class.

Once we have established the groundwork we will look at the type of music you want to create and ways of achieving that, whether it be through group tutorials (where appropriate) and/or individual mentoring with task-based projects.

Although mac based in class, the principles and concepts are transferable to other software and operating systems.

Leading the course will be Mr Mark Aubrey.

Mark began his career at Konk Studios (home of The Kinks) in Hornsey, London as an assistant engineer, learning the ropes on vintage Neve & cutting edge SSL recording consoles, using classic microphones & recording on analogue tape recorders.
​Mark then moved on to EMI music studios in London’s Soho, where he gained valuable experience working with top writers, artists & producers

Mark has over 10 years of teaching experience at a national music college, covering everything from the basics of sequencing & production at level 2, up to nuanced arrangement skills at foundation degree level.